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Brand New

Life on wheels


The wide path camper

– Egenproducerede mikro campers til den simple fritid.  Vi kalder det  WIDE PATH CAMPERS ”more with less” – i et med naturen

Simple outdoor life on wheels

TMP Outdoor. The simple but beautiful life in harmony with nature. Tailor-made bicycle and car campers + equipment that makes your nature experience comfortable in a simple way

An Inviting Escape

Our mobile tiny houses offer instant shelter from the weather, a comfortable bed for up to 2 people, and a convertible space for 4 adults to dine-in, relax, and camp in style.

The Wide Path Campers are not only mini RV’s, but a mobile house-party easily deployed in urban, suburban, and natural spaces. Wide Path Campers are durable, collapsible, lightweight, and surprisingly spacious. The camper’s unique shape and hardshell exterior provide a cozy secure feeling inside and a safe place to store your belongings. With a Wide Path Camper you can enjoy the freedom of taking your bicycle cargo camping trailer, shelter, solar energy source, and social space with you wherever you pedal.


Your perfect getaway

is our challenge